The John Lennon Awards

As you may have heard, my original song, co-written with the Rusty Horse Band, "Green Mountain State" won the Grand Prize of the John Lennon Songwriting Contest in the Folk Category (Session I) back in August 2013. Now I have a 1/24 chance of winning the Lennon Award for Song of the Year (a 20,000$ prize) and I need your help. Green Mountain State is going head to head in a voting battle against the winner of the Folk Category in Session II. Whoever comes out on top will have a 1/12 shot at the top prize.

Now, in all honesty - I know these voting competitions can be a pain. This is coming at the same time as the CBC Searchlight Competition, not to mention the real Provincial elections in Quebec this Monday (actually if I'm going to encourage you to vote for anything, PLEASE go rock the vote on Monday!). I know many of you will already be voting for your favourite music/political party and I completely understand if you cannot or choose not to participate. I am so grateful for all of the support you have all given me in these past years. But if you wish to lend a hand, or check out the song I'm up against, just visit and vote for your favourite song (whether it be mine or "Your Footprints" by Michelle Lockey). You can vote as much or as little as you want up to once per day from today until April 29th. Feel free to share the link should you so desire.

You are all wonderful. I will have news for you all soon about new tour dates and local shows! In the meantime, for those of you in Montreal you can always catch me on Monday nights at Grumpy's (1242 Rue Bishop) for Chick Pickin' (a most wonderful evening where we showcase women singer-songwriters). It's FREE, and it starts at 9:30pm. 

Oh and here's the live chamber folk edition of Green Mountain State that was filmed at Casa Del Popolo last month!