Multi-instrumentalist Corey Gulkin (formerly Corinna Rose), is among the new cohort of talent emerging from the burgeoning Montreal music scene. She is best known for her experimental, dark, and intricate songwriting, as well as an off-kilter sense of rhythm and unconventional song structure. Joined by Leah Dolgoy and Sam Gleason, the eccentric trio of banjo, harp and electric guitar twists the fabric of the folk genre, with Gulkin’s warm and powerful melodies weaving stories of healing and transformation.

"The dreamscape music is a remarkable folk blend...powerful in its beauty." - Bob Mersereau, CBC

"Une beauté qui se transporte où les montées nuancées sont délicieuses et les mélodies oscillantes entre l’accroche efficace et les sentiers vierges." - Louis-Philippe Labrèche, Le Canal Auditif

Raw and open-ended" "NNNN" - Sarah Greene, NOW Toronto    

"Mixing up jazz, folk and chamber pop, Rose takes a traditional template and then doodles all over it, adding her own signature curlicues to create something familiar and refreshing"  - Quick Before It Melts    

"Hypnotizing" - Jenna Melanson, Canadian Beats  

"Ms. Rose delivers something unexpectedly heartbreaking in the kind of way I had thought only Sufjan Stevens could do with a soft whisper." - Pamela Fillion, ForgetTheBox  

"L’univers de Corinna Rose oscille entre les rythmiques folk des Sœurs Boulay et les intonations feutrées de Norah Jones ou Ingrid St-Pierre...Le tableau d’ensemble résulte de ballades fortes qui nous forcent à apprécier chaque petite subtilité qui grouille à travers ses tendres mélodies." - La Bible Urbaine


GAMIQ, Folk EP of the Year (2016) 

Fringe Festival Frankie Award, Best Musical Performance (2014) 

John Lennon Songwriting Competition (2013) 

#10 Best Montreal SingerSongwriter in CultMTL (2013) 

Folk Alliance International (2016), Folk Music Ontario (2015), POP Montreal (2015, 2013), NXNE (2012), CMW (2012)