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All the Things I'll Forget

Corey Gulkin (previously Corinna Rose)

In All The Things I’ll Forget, dark folk singer-songwriter Corey Gulkin (formerly Corinna Rose) transforms the memories of an abusive relationship and its aftermath into a personal, introspective anthology that telegraphs the subtleties of abuse and forgiveness to the listener.

Gulkin’s sophomore full-length album is a bold artistic statement in both its subject matter and arrangements with songs centred around an eclectic trio, including banjo, electric guitar, and harp. Electronic drums and synth textures woven throughout cast an otherworldly sheen over the record. As a whole, All the Things I’ll Forget is necessarily feminist: honest, visceral, and full of moments of identification for all of us.
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The Wharf EP

Corey Gulkin (previously Corinna Rose)

Produced by Corey Gulkin & Leah Dolgoy
Recorded, mixed and mastered by John McCabe at Acoustic Pond
Album Art by Olga Abeleva

Corey Gulkin - Vocals, banjo, acoustic guitar
Leah Dolgoy - Autoharp, backing vocals,
Cécile Doo-Kingué - Electric Guitar (2)
Sam Gleason - Electric Guitar (4)
Lisa Malachowski - Backing Vocals (1,3,5)
Ari Swan - Violin
Quinn Brander - Cello
String arrangements by Nick Lavigne (1) and Quinn Brander & Ari Swan (6)

All tracks MAPL and © Corinna Rose
Except track 3, written by Hank Williams Sr. (Public Domain)
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Northeast Southwest

Corey Gulkin (previously Corinna Rose)

Thank you to my family, the Gulkins, Penners and Posens for all of your love and support. Special thanks to Jim, Jan and Rylan Gulkin for your incredible generosity. To Steve Penner and Mary Ellen Marus, Rose and Saul Rose, Harry Gulkin and Marie Murphy, Robert Posen, Ian Brander, Cathy Gulkin and Lisa Simkins, Ruth Penner, Michael Green and Ellen Lipes, Frederic Weigand Warr, Bob Penner and Shaena Lambert, Daniel Cooper and Martin Posen and to everyone else who donated for helping this album come to life. Thanks to Dominike Courteau and Eli Grimson for your help with the fundraiser. Thanks to Max Desmarais (Bridgehead Studios), Harry Knazan (Mixing) and Reuben Ghose (Mastering) for helping me put together a fantastic demo that led to a FACTOR and Canada Council grant. Thanks to Emma Frank and Kevin Swartzbach keeping me on my technical and musical toes. Thanks to Jan Florjanczyk, Dave Cool, Dimitri Condax, Paul Afalo, Greg Bouchard, Raymond Carpentier, Candice Fridman, for contributing your support and advice. To my musician friends Gabrielle Papillon, Lisa Malachowski and Matt Stern for your support and guidance and for being generally lovely always. To my band: this has been an incredible journey so far and you have all pushed me to reach farther than I ever thought I could. Love you all.
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Corinna Rose & Leah Dolgoy

We wish to thank John, Carly, Kate and Jo for contributing your time and expertise to making this project come to life. Thank you
to our families and friends for your on-going support and encouragement.

Thank you Ali for bringing us together.

Leah wishes to additionally thank Anne Gauthier, Jennifer Cordier, Pam Jenkins, and the John C. Campbell Folk School, as well as Zac Singer for that night in Open House when we decided there would be no more “starch and ironing” and came up with something else.

Corinna wishes to additionally thank Leah for putting this whole album together, for her love and support, her undying positive attitude and for helping me remember every day that it’s all about the music (not the business).

B-Sides was recorded live at the Acoustic Pond Studio in St Lazare, Quebec by John McCabe. Mixing and Mastering by John McCabe.
Feel free to copy, duplicate, and share for non- commercial purposes.
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